BibleWelcome in Jesus’ name to Florida Lighthouse Tabernacle (FLT). We are a full-gospel, non-denominational, independent church. FLT has been divinely ordained as a spiritual body by our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord has a people in this area who are being separated unto a divine Kingdom walk. His body has been hurt by pastors, leaders, and one another. It is the Lord’s desire to heal and restore His body. In this house there is a great Spirit of love from the Lord to us. He manifests this love in genuine conviction in this body.

The message in this house is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” This is a house of sons and daughters being stripped of their carnal nature and receiving truths on how to die out to their self.

The love that flows in this house is genuine. God is raising up matured sons and daughters in this day.

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photo by: Savio Sebastian